Skylight Hotel Palawan’s Mission is to exceed the expectations of our guests, inspire and to offer a service and hotel product of exclusivity and excellence worldwide, by means of professional partners, in continuous development, using the most advanced managerial skills in order to contribute in the total success of the hotel and of all the components of the destination of Palawan.


Skylight Hotel Palawan will be a global, tourist and business hotel company offering consistent products and services in key business and leisure destinations. To become a hi-tech center for excellence and delivery of hotel. Our growth will be achieved through hotel ownership, management and selective franchising. We will be known for our innovation, exemplary service and superior financial performance. Skylight Hotel Palawan is committed to being the employer of choice in the hospitality industry.

To be known throughout the world for making of the service an unparalleled experience, through highly qualified Human Resources, which will guarantee highest profitability and this way exceed the expectations of clients, owners and partners.


To know more about how you can create unforgettable celebrations at Skylight Hotel, please get in touch with our front desk, Palawan Tel Nos. (048) 434-4872 / (048) 434-7176 Fax# (048) 433-4596
Mobile# (+63) 9399022186 / (+63) 9153076755

Manila Office Contact:
1305 Pedro Gil St. Paco, Manila
Tel Nos. (02)563-2565 / (02)563-8912
Fax# (02) 563-2372